Blackelizabeth | Black Elizabeth

Name: Ginta Elizabeth Kleinberga
Nickname: Elizabeth Black
Born: 22nd October 1990
From: Riga, Latvia
Vitals: Gray-green eyes, long dark hair, 5'7"/1.7 tall

1) Riga secondary Christian school (1 - 11 class)
2) Riga Teikas secondary school (11 - 12 class)
3) LSSIA – skiing instructor, trainer
4) Riga Stradins University – Multimedia communication
5) Reiki – 2 degree
6) Latvian Sport Education Academy (LSPA) - cycling and sleddog sport trainer

Who is Black Elizabeth?
She calls herself – multi-artist. Sportist, musician, journalist, model, trainer. Her profile is so wide that it is impossible to tell about it. She is former heavy metal musician, now working as director of sport pro team "RaceDog Latvia". At this moment Elizabeth is fastest Latvian bikejoring sportist.

Black Elizabeth childhood and family:
For all these years Black Elizabeth remembers herself as a sportswoman. She proved herself as a person that is successful in many different types of sports, winning awards and medals all around Latvia and abroad.
Sports has always been in her family. Black Elizabeth granddad – Valdis Kleinbergs was the president of Latvian Motofederation, well known all aroud Latvia.
Grandmother – Ruta Smertjeva is a former Soviet motocross multi-champion. Her second husband – Aleksandrs Smertjevs is a former Soviet multi-champion in motorcycle speedway races.
Any doubts why Black Elizabeth adores motorbykes?
Black Elizabeth father – Raimonds Kleinbergs is one of the leading MTB riders in Latvia, as well as the main organizer of one of the toughtess and hardest MTB tounaments in Latvia. At the same time – brilliant skier, skiing/cycling/bikejoring team „RaceDog Latvia” head coach.
Black Elizabeth mother – Linda Kleinberga is one of the leading Reiki and Taro experts and masters. She is well known for her skills all around  the country.

Since the age 7, Black Elizabeth had tained & achieved success in sports dance, horse-riding, alpine skiing, aikido and cycling. She has won many awards in sports, participatin not only in local trounaments, but also presenting Latvia abroad.
At present Black Elizabeth is director (and also sportist) at pro sleddog team "RaceDog Latvia".

If you were able to ask Black Elizabeth in her childhood years- who are you willing to be in the future? She would answer - rockmusician. If you ask her now, did a dream come true, she would answer - almost.
Black Elizabeth has participated in numerous musical competitions, as well as played in a few local bands.
Since 2007 she is active as the tour manager and music concert organizer for various bands. She has worked with many well known  groups.
In 2008 she has started working as the part of the management for bands, being in charge of the PR. Later on in 2009 she has founded her metal band "Justly".

Knowing that Black Elizabeth had practiced equestrian sport, it becomes clear that she loves animals. She owned a vaulting-horse called „Ēna”, but since 2002 Black Elizabeth is no longer involved in horsesport, horses are still in her heart.

However now she owns a few very cute animals. First of all its her dogs - weimaraner Bu Bucis Saldozo and German short-haired bird dog Kimi Z Czarnego Dworu, eurodog James Hetfield and bordercollie Merlin iz Strani Kutha, and of course little girl - greister Top Dogz Pirate Cristina Scabbia. As well as the five-year old turtle called Kriksis and 18 years old turtle Joe.

Mob. ph.
(+371) 28313431

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